About Jim Kent

As a graduate student at the University of California Santa Cruz, Jim Kent made national headlines in June, 2000 when he performed the public project human genome assembly hours ahead of Celera, helping to keep our collective DNA out of patent disputes for years to come. Jim went on to write BLAT and the UCSC Human Genome Browser to help analyze this important data. Jim received his PhD in Biology in 2002. He is currently a research scientist at UCSC where he helps maintain and upgrade the browser as well as other tools to help us understand the human genome.

O'Reilly Interview with Jim Kent

Keeping Genome Data Open (04/05/2002) by Bruce Stewart. Jim talks about his work on the human genome assembly and the importance of open data.

New York Times Article on Jim Kent

Reading the Book of Life; Grad Student Becomes Gene Effort's Unlikely Hero (2/13/2001) by Nicholas Wade.

About Kent Informatics, Inc.

Kent Informatics was incorporated in 2003 to manage commercial licensing of Jim's popular scientific software. It is co-owned by Jim Kent and Heidi Brumbaugh. Heidi manages Kent Informatics and is also the creator of the Vocab Victor word learning app.